Stop making costly marketing mistakes

Discover the powerful tool that can help you avoid the trap that costs B2B marketers tens of millions of dollars every year

If you use content marketing, you want to make sure you’re spending your time and money wisely and doing it right.

But chances are you’re flushing up to 30% of your marketing budget down the drain. How do I know?

Unfortunately, Content Marketing Institute research reveals some disturbing trends:

  • B2B marketers allocate 28% of their total marketing budget, on average, to content marketing
  • 57% of B2B marketers find measuring content marketing effectiveness challenging
  • 70% of B2B marketers don’t think their organization is effective at content marketing or is accomplishing their overall objectives

In other words, B2B marketers are spending a lot of money on something they have trouble measuring…and admit isn’t working for them.

Take any 100 B2B marketers in North America who use content marketing and put them in a room together and ask them, “How effective is your company’s content marketing?”  Here’s what you’ll find, according to the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs: only 6 will be Best-in-Class; 24 will be very effective; 44 will continue their content program, not because it’s working but because they have to; 22 will be limping along with nothing to show for their efforts; and 4 will be failing miserably. That’s 30% successful, 70% unsuccessful.

If you’re in the 70% group of frustrated, disappointed marketers, you’re literally flushing tens of millions of dollars right down the toilet every year!!! Is that how a savvy marketer behaves? Of course not!

If you’re under pressure to perform and you’re not seeing the results you want from your current approach, should you throw in the towel? Of course not.

Luckily, there is one key tool the top content marketing brands use that anyone can implement tomorrow to start seeing better results.

The difference between winning and losing the content marketing game.

It’s knowing what success looks like.

Research shows that effectiveness increases with organizational clarity on what content marketing success looks like. 79% of the most effective B2B marketers have clarity while 77% of the least effective marketers do not.

So, how do you get clarity?

You do a Content Audit. Find out what’s working and what’s not. Use the insights you get to start doing data-driven content marketing and stop guessing.

That’s the first step on the path to joining the 30% group … the big difference between the winners and the losers.

How to Take The First Step On the Road to ROI

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Find out how Content Audits have helped leading marketers get clarity on what success looks like, including:

  • The science behind how to create a solid content marketing strategy
  • Demystifying how to determine if content is relevant to your audience and your business
  • How to tie your marketing efforts to actual performance
  • Powerful tips for creating the content your audience loves

You get data insights and valuable business intelligence that will take you from content-creation challenges and strategy issues to a better understanding of all brand content assets and knowing exactly what you need to do to create content that actually gets results.

What You Get:

  • a full inventory of all indexable content on a domain, which is then analyzed using performance metrics from a variety of sources to determine which content to keep as-is, which to improve, and which to remove or consolidate
  • an easy-to-read overall PDF summary of the audit
  • valuable insights into which parts of your site generate the most traffic, and which pages convert the most users
  • a simple and actionable take on what you need to do to create content that actually gets results
  • a tedious and complicated process completely done-for-you so you can enjoy all the results while I do all of the work

Guarantee: This engagement comes with a guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want, when you want it, with a smile. I believe in the quality of what I’m offering. That’s why I offer 3 guarantees.

  • Guarantee #1: On-Time Delivery – I know that it’s important to meet project deadlines and that your time is valuable, and so if I’m late, I’ll pay you $100!
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  • Guarantee #3: 100% Money Back Guarantee – It’s important to me that you are satisfied with the work I do for you. As such, I am happy to take on all the risk. If for any reason within the first thirty days of us working together, you are not satisfied with the value you are receiving, let me know and you’ll get a full refund.

Find Out How to Take The First Step On the Road to ROI