Irresistible Offer for Smart, Hard-Working Marketing Professionals Who Want To Get Noticed by the C-Suite for Moving the Needle….Not Dropping the Ball

Let’s start with the facts.

If you’re in charge of marketing a business, then you can’t afford to screw up.

Not when you’re responsible for managing social media, blog content, and all the other digital marketing efforts. It feels impossible to keep up with everything. You have these little things called “responsibilities,” and they have to be handled.

You can’t get somebody else at the office to do the work for you. Most of them are swamped with work too, and hiring someone to help out isn’t in the cards.

So, you end up scrambling around like a madman. It’s not because you want to. You’re just trying to get the job done.

And in the back of your mind, you think you have no other choice.

But what if I said you’re wrong?

In fact, what if I got on the phone with you and helped minimize the guesswork when you plan your next marketing campaign so you never have to struggle with marketing headaches alone again?

I know you don’t believe it’s possible, but listen…

I used to be just like you

I wrote 10-20 blog posts a week. Sometimes more.

I posted on all the “hot” social media channels.

I followed all the advice and listened to all the experts.

It didn’t help me build a loyal audience, but I did it anyway, because I thought that’s what I had to do. But then something happened:

I had the opportunity to hear Sonia Simone speak about her professional journey in a presentation titled, “What It Takes To Go From Little League to Major League”. She told some great stories and one thing in particular stuck with me. She said that that Little Leaguers and Major Leaguers had the:

Same rules, different execution

Sonia Simone

And honestly?

That changed me. It gave me clarity. I couldn’t help realizing the subtle difference between how top performers do content marketing and how everybody else does it. It’s not about what you do. It’s about how you do it and why.

That’s what successful content marketers do differently. They execute correctly. They understand the big-picture perspective. They realize building a loyal audience is a responsibility.

And I couldn’t help wondering… what if I learned all the strategies, tricks, and secrets of successful content marketing?

So, I set out to do just that.

I went home excited about learning what it really takes to succeed as a content marketer the only way you truly can…by spending years on the front lines…doing it.

Here’s What No One Has the Courage to Tell You

You know all those content marketing resources like HubSpot, Copyblogger, and Content Marketing Institute?

Well, they’re not going to save you.

Sure, they can teach you the basics. Yes, I absolutely recommend learning from and using them.

But they’re not enough.

As long as you depend on the general advice of experts, you’ll never get the results you need. You’ll always be guessing when it comes to your content marketing.

That’s because experts give you answers that have worked for others – not answers that work for you and your particular situation.

Granted, even with advice tailored to your personal situation, content marketing is no cakewalk. It’s hard work and it takes time to pay off.

But you’ll have clarity on what you need to do and confidence in your ability to do it.

You’ll know how to reach your content marketing goals. Your work will help achieve business goals. You know exactly how to create high-quality content that represents your brand and attracts your perfect customers.

You’ll know how to execute. It doesn’t happen overnight. But when it does, it’s wonderful.

But the truth?

This is NOT for everyone

Not even close.

Some people are looking for a silver bullet to solve all of their marketing problems.

Some people only want to use “sexy” tactics and strategies. Whatever the latest growth hack is, they absolutely have to drop everything and jump on the bandwagon.

And lastly, some people don’t see the value in investing in their own success. For them, price is the only criteria that matters. It’s a matter of dollars and sense … not value.

If you’re in one of those categories, you can stop reading now. The rest of this letter doesn’t apply to you.

But maybe you’re different.

Maybe you appreciate using tried-and-tested approaches to marketing. Maybe you’re not concerned with following the crowd. Maybe you realize that sometimes you get exactly what you pay for.

Sure, free advice is nice, but you know it usually ends up being worth what you paid for it. And to you, it’s just not worth it.

You’re looking for better results from your content marketing. You just don’t know how to do it.

Questions, Questions, Questions

Since I founded Professional Pen Copywriting, a lot of people have asked me questions like…

  • How do I generate leads with content marketing?
  • What kind of content should I create?
  • How long will it take before I see results from my content program?
  • What kind of tools and technology should I use?
  • How often should I publish?

And I’m happy to answer all those questions, but here’s what you really need to know:

There’s not a “one size fits all” answer.

Some people will take a few years to get traction. Others have enough in place that a few “tweaks” to their content program will be enough to see improvements almost immediately.

Some people have a well-planned content strategy and need help executing. Others don’t, and they really need to think through how to approach building an audience.

Some people should be publishing daily. For others, it may be one piece of great content every week.

The big question isn’t, “How can I copy Seth Godin or Neil Patel?” The question is, “What’s the right path for YOU?”

Granted, it’s a hard question, because there are SO many different answers. That’s why having an experienced content marketer to help you think through the process can be so valuable.

Here’s How I Can Help You


TK caption

Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it. – Harper Lee


Would you like to know how to take the guesswork out of content marketing?

Would you like to be certain your content will get me more traffic and leads …before you create it?

And for that matter, would you like to get expert marketing advice tailored to your situation so you can stop trying to figure it out on your own?

Well, here’s the deal:

Over the next 30 days, I’m going to help five people create a plan for improving their marketing. If you’d like to be one of them, I’ll create a custom-tailored roadmap designed specifically for you.

You’ll get:

  • My honest, unfiltered opinion on your specific situation
  • Specific feedback on your campaigns
  • An action plan for improving your content marketing program, so you know what you’re doing and why
  • Advice on how to better manage content development and promotion
  • Constructive, high-level feedback driven by data, guided by experience, and grounded in best practices
By the time we’re finished, you’ll know exactly what to do and exactly what to expect. Instead of just dreaming about getting better results one day, you’ll also have a roadmap for making it a reality.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not as much as it should.

Because listen:

Nothing is more expensive than the advice you don’t take.

If you don’t talk with me, you might be fabulously successful, but you’ll probably go through some rough times first. You’ll track the wrong metrics, create self-promotional content no one shares, ignore content promotion, or any number of other common mistakes.

It’ll cost you thousands of dollars. You’ll also lose a lot of time.

By talking with me though, I’d like to think I can help you avoid at least some of those mistakes. No, I can’t save you from all the headaches involved in improving your company’s marketing, but if I can save you from just one, you’ll save 10-50X what I charge you for my advice.

With that in mind, the price is $197. You’re also protected by my full money back guarantee.

My Guarantee: You’ll Be Overjoyed with My Advice, or You Pay Nothing

By the time we finish together, I guarantee you’ll understand exactly what you need to do. You’ll also have a realistic timeline for making it all happen.

But if you’re not satisfied?

I’ll give you your money back. All of it. No questions asked.

Just email me within 30 days, and I’ll issue you a complete refund.


Because I started Professional Pen Copywriting to help marketers be more effective  and have more fun doing it. That means if you don’t feel like my advice is worth 10X the price, you shouldn’t have to pay.


Alright then, here’s what to do next:

Here’s What to Do Next

Fill in your details and then click the PayPal button below to pay for our Strategy Session together.

When I see the payment come through, I’ll email you within one business day to schedule your session. We’ll talk for one hour. Afterward, I’ll email your plan to you within three business days.

In case you’re wondering, the payment process is completely secure. PayPal is one of the largest and most trusted processors in the world.

Also, you do NOT need an account to process the payment. You can use your debit or credit card, just like you would on any other website.

Simple enough?

Warning: I’m Serious About Only Accepting Five Clients

Once all five spots are filled, I won’t be able to help you.


Because current demands on my time and my schedule only allow for limited one-on-one time for non-clients.

Sure, I’m getting paid for consulting here, but this is just something I’m doing to help out a few people. I don’t have any desire to be a full-time consultant.

The point?

If this is of interest to you, go ahead and sign up. It’s only $197. You probably spend more than that on one nice meal at a restaurant.

If it’s not for you though, that’s also totally fine. No pressure.

The choice is yours.

Here’s the payment form one more time:

Talk with you soon,