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Hey, what’s up? I’m Anthony Sills, the founder of Professional Pen Copywriting, and if you ever asked yourself:

  • “How can I take the guesswork out of content marketing?”
  • “How can I know what my audience actually wants?”
  • “How can I be certain my content will get me more traffic and leads …before I create it?”
  • “How can I close the loop between the execution of my content marketing and the effect it’s having on my strategic goals?”
  • “How can I generate better blog or campaign ideas?”

Or if you’ve ever just needed someone to help you take your content program to the next level …

…You’re in the RIGHT place!


Here’s How I Help You Get Ahead At Work

As best-selling author and top CMO Influencer Michael Brenner said, “Content marketing is the gap between what brands produce and what consumers actually want.” I’m here to bridge that gap.

Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn, Jason Miller, left, and Converse Digital founder Tom Martin, right, pose with Anthony Sills at Copyblogger’s Authority conference, in Denver.

Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn, Jason Miller, left, and Converse Digital founder Tom Martin, right, pose with Anthony Sills at Copyblogger’s Authority conference, in Denver.

Here’s the deal:

Content marketing is NOT about content. It’s about building audiences.

And I believe smart marketers and entrepreneurs who want to win in today’s overcrowded marketplace MUST develop audience-building programs focused on subscriber growth.


Because “Companies need a strategy focused on the future growth of the relationship as well as the bottom-line value for both parties. They need ongoing, two-way interactions and a willingness to invest in listening, to get personal, and to create a shared vision for success.”*

Building an audience of subscribers is hands-down the best way to close the gap.

In fact, it’s the only way to do content marketing.

Content marketing without a loyal audience is not content marketing at all.

Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute

But even though email subscription is the most important relationship you can have with your audience, less than 1 in 3 organizations have subscription growth as a content marketing goal.

In fact, according to the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Trends report published by the Content Marketing Institute, subscriber growth is the lowest ranked metric.

Yet, these same businesses claim the following as organizational goals:

  • lead-gen
  • sales
  • lead nurturing
  • brand awareness
  • engagement
  • customer retention.

Well, guess what?

Marketing’s primary function – generating demand and new leads for the business – is improved by effective content marketing because content marketing done right (audience-building with a subscription focus) produces better customers who have more loyalty.

I know, you’re probably skeptical. Right?

Well, data proves that an audience-building focus creates customer loyalty, retention, and brand evangelism. In short, it makes other business activities more effective.

How can you find the time to build an audience when the C-level always wants immediate results?

How can you create content consumers actually want while sifting through emails and sitting through meetings… while planning events and posting to social media… while keeping up with technology and conquering new marketing platforms?


Instead of wading through all the reports, articles and data published by HubSpot, Moz and MarketingProfs, going through a lot of trial and error or wasting time on garbage being peddled by so called “experts”…

…subscribe to Digital Marketing Daily™ (it’s free), and let me filter out all the noise and give you the most important parts. You’ll get PROVEN tactics and strategies from content strategists, inbound marketers, and of course, me, Anthony Sills.

You’ll also get Content Clarity™, my 5-part email course, designed to help you become a better marketer & understand how to do content marketing “the right way”–and never have to worry about underperforming campaigns again.

(Or actually send out that resume you’ve been updating just in case.)

And the best part? I’ll cut through the fluff, showing you exactly what’s working now and how you can start making content marketing work in your business.

All because I have a knack for distilling inbound and content marketing into INSANELY PRACTICAL TIPS that you can start benefiting from TODAY.

I’m  Anthony Sills …

…the “go-to guy” for any of your content marketing needs. And I’d like to welcome you to…

…The Blog and The Daily Email

I’m here for digital marketing managers, content strategists, agency heads and marketing professionals who need help developing content that will capture real audience members, leads, and revenue.

There are three main ways I do that. There’s my blog The Content Corner™, the Digital Marketing Daily™, and my daily weekday email.

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Here’s what each “feature” is all about:

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About Anthony Sills

Professional Pen Copywriting was founded by Anthony Sills. Anthony is a copywriter & Audience Strategist, specializing in helping busy marketers use content to move the needle in their business.

After having the privilege of working with more than 100 clients, among them some of the most recognized companies in the world, he’s refocused on what he loves most: Building audiences for high-growth software, SaaS, and tech companies.

You’ll find that his approach to marketing is effective. He developed it over the past few years, and it has helped some of the content he created get some attention.

  • Grand Prize Winner of Copyblogger’s essay contest
  • 2 of the Top 5 Sponsored Blog Posts of 2015 on the most influential blog in the procurement sector
  • a book project he worked on won the International Book Award

More specifically, he combines 20+ years of big-ticket sales experience with direct-response copywriting and content marketing to get traffic, attract leads, and retain customers.

I am a Marketing Copywriter for a software company, and our marketing department publishes quality content on a regular basis. When we don’t have the bandwidth to produce all of the content ourselves, we often turn to freelancers for help. We can choose from hundreds, if not thousands (literally!) of freelance writers out there, but we always turn to Anthony first. We know that he will produce the quality content we need, so we never hesitate to ask for his help. And he never lets us down. Whether it’s a blog post or a whitepaper, we know that Anthony will take care of us. He’s a great go-to guy for any of your marketing content needs.

Ashley DeLance, Marketing Copywriter & Content Manager

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