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Without Strategy, Your Content is Just Words and Pictures

If you’re in charge of marketing for a business, then you need to understand content marketing. And content marketing is all about building an audience.

  • Have you spent a lot of time and energy managing content creators, publishing blog posts, updating the company Facebook page… only to get disappointing results?
  • Are you struggling to figure out what your audience needs? Are you sick and tired of spending weeks or sometimes even months working on campaigns that produce feeble results?
  • Do you get embarrassed trying to convince higher-ups of the benefits of your campaigns?

Content marketing doesn’t have to be hard. And you don’t have to feel pressured to meet your goals.

What if there was someone to walk you through step-by-step, setting up and managing an effective content marketing program?

  • Thought-provoking content featured on the most influential websites in your sector: No problem.
  • Authority-building content that generates 1000s of leads: Yup!
  • Reaching 1,000,000s of people each month with content they thank you for and share with their team: Absolutely.

Contrary to what you might think there are proven formulas for reaching these goals.

In a field changing as fast as modern marketing it can be hard to stay up-to-date on what’s working now. You can learn the basics of content marketing from websites like Copyblogger and Hubspot, but putting that knowledge to work in your business is another matter.

My name is Anthony Sills and I’m the founder of Professional Pen Copywriting.

I’ve been working in the trenches for 10 years with some of the smartest marketers at top brands like American Express, IBM, SEMrush, and Infusionsoft rolling up my sleeves and doing the hard work to attract large, targeted audiences. I’ve ghostwritten for startups, ad agencies, influencers, business owners, and other copywriters. After writing 700+ blog posts, 100s of landing pages, and countless other content I’ve learned a thing or two about content marketing.

In fact, I’ve learned the missing piece of the puzzle…

I learned how to define, reach, and engage targeted audiences with content. And it can make the difference between winning and losing the content marketing game.

The world’s best brands have been quietly partnering with me to build audiences and drive measurable business outcomes. And now I’m helping busy marketers … like you … use proven strategies to reap the benefits of an effective content marketing program with none of the usual headaches.

Let’s face it: You don’t need another blog post.

You need strategic help.

You need a partner who can help you connect the dots and build a content program that will get you results. Someone to keep you up on the latest trends and best practices and help you see how they apply to your business. You need a content creator that’s more than a content creator.

Do yourself a favor…

Let me help you build a subscribed audience so you can get more leads, sales, and retention — without buying attention.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: You partner with me to elevate the effectiveness of your marketing.

Step 2: I make your job easier. 😉

For example…
As the SaaS market gets more and more competitive each year it’s tougher to get people interested in your product. So, I helped a leading SaaS company implement something called the Network Strategy. And since then, they’ve:

  • enjoyed media coverage in 5 major industry publications
  • connected with a niche, target group of prospects
  • improved positioning of the brand as an Authority in their industry
  • used solid, thought-provoking content to build an owned audience.

The best part? Getting results like these didn’t put strain on marketing budgets or depend on hiring additional full time headcount.

The strategy isn’t hard. It’s not complicated. But if you don’t constantly research and test new things you’ll miss out on strategies like this that can easily grow your business.

I’m guessing you don’t have time for that. I’m guessing you’re overwhelmed with juggling campaign details and attending meetings.

That’s why I’m here.

I keep up with digital marketing so you don’t have to. And every day I email my subscribers a valuable tip about marketing for free (Digital Marketing Daily™).

The success of your next project can impact your budget, reputation, and career.

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